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Indic features that make you relaxed

We have combined the state-of-the-art AI technologies and our years of expertise in Indian Languages to ensure you get the best experience and maximum ease to complete your translation jobs. Check them out below.


Neural Machine Translation

Witness the power of AI with the most reliable Machine Translation Model. Build your personal machine translation engine that adapts to your style of translations and predicts more accurately for you.


Indic Typing

No more extensions or additional softwares for typing in Indian languages. Type with ease with the in-built Indic typing widget that comes with suggestion typing as well as a virtual keyboard


Auto Recompile Files

Hassle free delivery of multiple file types. Support for over 20 most popular file types accurately analysed for perfect reformatting.


Indic Spellchecker

Use the spellchecker to run a sanity check over your translations and prevent mistypings. AI powered indic spellchecker makes it absolutely easy to correct your spellings with just a tap.

More Features

We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business

Translation Memory

Experience the future of translation memory with intelligent suggestions while training your personal machine translation models.


Indic dictionaries in 11 Indian languages to check word meanings for easy reference and translation.

Terminology Manager

Automatic terminology extraction & real time suggestions for proper nouns, abbreviations, etc, to reduce manual errors in reference and save time.

Project Report

Get detailed analysis reports for every project, that makes managing projects, a cakewalk.

Real time

Real time delegation of content into sections for different translators to work on, with complete context visibility.


Track progress, quality, and turnaround time with Prabandhak’s project management dashboard.

A platform for everyone

Holisticly e-enable world-class core competencies vis-a-vis strategic innovation.


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